Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm. in. Toothache. Hell.

I had the most horrible toothache for the past 2 days. Before coming here, I had a root canal treatment in India and it was the most bitter winter in 18 years when I arrived in London; I think the combination of a root-canalled tooth and sub-zero temperatures made sure that the pain will flare up every now and then, if I get careless and eat anything that's too hot or too cold.

Now, this is good news for my dieting, as it means that I cannot have hot fudge or ice cream. But it also means that I cannot drink steaming soups or anything straight from the oven, even if it is baked sweet potatoes. Arrrrggggghh!

And forget about going to a dentist in the UK, esp. if you have no dental insurance. A simply checkup is 75 pounds, so god knows how much it will cost to get my tooth alright. I am better off spending that money on a flight ticket to home. At least I can be with my family for some time!

So, advice to people thinking about leaving their country to work in a cold country - please take care of your teeth and make sure they are in top-top condition when you reach your new residence. Otherwise, you might have to survive on painkillers and clove oil, like me.

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