Saturday, March 06, 2010

RACC - Week 1

Today was the first class of WRITE A NOVEL IN A MONTH course at Richmond Adult Community College (RACC). When I was doing a routine search at Floodlight, I came across this course and promptly enrolled, as the course was quite inexpensive and Richmond was only a short bus ride away from Ealing.

RACC is a nice little campus in central Richmond, a couple of minutes walk from the tube/rail station, and located directly opposite to Twickenham stadium.

The course facilitator is Susan Lynes, a novelist and a successful NaNoWriMo achiever. She was a very gentle, very sweet person who knew what she was talking about. There were about 12 students. All except one were women; he was a graphic artist who had enrolled along with his mother.

The first class went fairly well. Susie gave us an intro on the NaNoWriMo method, and debunked some myths about speedwriting. She was very encouraging, and dynamic in a quiet, unobtrusive way. As always I become happy being a part of learners, listening to the voice of wisdom.

I am glad I joined this course, even though I have serious doubts about writing novels. My quick-fix mind veers towards short stories, which, any seasoned writer would tell you this, has no "money". But what to do - the heart wants what it wants :)