Monday, August 01, 2005

Finally found a place

Can you believe this?!

I come to a proper american village in USA, 3 hours from the nearest city, where I expected to be the only dark-skinned person in town... and I learn that there's going to another!

Yep, another Indian + unmarried + woman - same as me - has joined the company!

Now that I have a room mate, I can finally afford to look for an apartment. My roomie, AB, is a very chic and friendly person who, I am relieved to say, is not at all snobbish or haughty (sadly, most of the Indian women I meet in the US are). She readily agreed to house-hunt with me, and we have okay'ed on a upper floor apt of a Victorian house in Brown Street.

The apt has 2 bedrooms, a big kitchen, a small-ish living room, and a full attic space (equivalent to the apt floor)... the flat is around 15 min walk to the office, but AB has a car, so I won't have much problem... the rent is US$500 per month, that comes to US$300 per head, incl. utilities...not bad at all, I'd say.
Thanks again, Marileta, for letting me crash your place for MORE THAN 2 MONTHS!

Once again, I am just stunned. A well-paying internship in the most developed country in the world, wonderful co-workers who can't do enough for me, and a friendly Indian roomie with a car... Am I being watched over an angel or what?