Sunday, September 11, 2005

N for NYC

The Big Apple is where I hang out these days.

Of course, I love my little pastoral town – with its rolling meadows and deep woods - but NY is something else – vibrant, maddening, pulsating. There’s simply no comparison at all, it’s like asking which do you like – chocolate mousse or chicken korma!

I made interesting discoveries while here –

-- You can see black (African-American), yellow (Chinee) and brown (Latin and Indian) faces here, more than white faces

-- The subway is not a dangerous place, unless you want to dance on the tracks. I always managed to get lost and always a kind stranger rescued me and put me on the right train

-- When you're in Times Square, you can always see a maami (a dowager aunt in India) in a sari, usually between the ages 40-80

-- Contrary to popular belief, the streets of America are not rife with smooching couples. I’m yet to see a couple kissing or hugging in public.

-- If you're lost, never, EVER ask directions to an African-American (esp. girls), a Mexican or a Indian. Because... the first one will deliberately show you the opposite direction, the second will spend 5 minutes telling you that he doesn't know and the third one will ask your entire biography before he helps you out with the right address.

That's it for now :)

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