Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Top 20 in life...

... that’s guaranteed to bring a smile in your face!

20. An almost-empty bus (or one that arrives at the bus stop as soon as you do!)

19. Teasing the bride with the groom on the marriage hall

18. Finding a 100-rupee note - or a 20$ bill! - in your desk, just when you’re really, really broke

17. Watching a great movie with NO babies crying, NO fathead sitting before you and absolutely NO distractions whatsoever

16. Funny dreams that linger for a long time after you’ve woken up

15. A meal of crab soup, mutton biriyani and lichee ice cream with hot gulab jamun (yumm)

14. A nice, intelligent conversation with a guy who doesn't think he's God's gift to women

13. Walking uphill in Kodaikkanal roads in the early morning

12. Getting a surprise gift on your birthday (wow!)

11. Planning a surprise gift and giving it when it’s least expected (double wow!)

10. Laughing for a silly joke so hard your face hurts

9. Dressing up for a special occasion (or for a special person!)

8. Runner’s high, collapsing under the fan after a hard run

7. Brunch, movie, gossip and shopping with your best friend

6. Playing with a puppy and feeding it from your hand

5. Writing all night and reaching the wretched deadline just in time

4. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you

3. Reading a terrific book in bed, listening to the rain outside

2. Having a child snuggle close to you and tell a secret

1. Just being in the same room with someone you love :)

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