Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I critiqued a piece today. It was just a couple of 100 words, but the relief it brought me was enormous. I felt good. That is what is different about me now. I am able to FEEL more. Yes, I am doing less, writing less than EVER, but inside, I feel like I am expanding in a different direction. Moving, growing, spreading myself.

Living and travelling in UK has its ups and downs. More ups than downs, IMO, though others would beg to differ (their most powerful argument being that I am wasting my peak years doing nothing related to my career, which was kind of in super speed until I decided to resign and run to UK).

While that's technically true, I don't think it's that bad. By putting myself out of my comfort zone, I have learnt many lessons. I have almost lost in touch with the world I knew and the work that I was familiar with. I do not write for a living any more. I do not see familiar faces from my country. I do not speak my mother tongue, I do not do what I used to be good at.

Instead I am learning stuff. I now have a new vocation, one I am learning every day. I have new dreams, new insights, new wisdom. I am not as arrogant or confident as before. While I still have personal and professional issues, I feel like a different person. I think, from time to time, you need to shed your old skin and feel fresh and new. It gives new meaning to your life, and spurs you enjoy every second of it.

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