Sunday, June 14, 2009


New Delhi Railway Station. AKA The Station from the Underbelly of Hell.

The minute there were seats available in Lichavi Express in the last 48 hours, I should have suspected something foul.

It was supposed to arrive at 3pm. It came at 1am the next day.

10 hours in crowded, hot NDLS with luggage and a thousand people sitting on the platform. Sitting, sleeping, eating, and in some cases pissing and shitting too. Add to that a sandstorm in the night, where everything, including our bodies, shone yellow.

Luckily, Suneetha and I parked our bums on a bench but you have NO idea how precarious our positions were. Eyes followed our every move, calculating when we would leave our bench. Scared witless about forsaking our bench and sitting amidst limbs and arms, we didn't even get up once in the 6 hours. Yep, no food or potty break.

There must be a reason why were were put through this. If there is, I haven't found it yet.

Though I have an entirely new appreciation for the people of DUNE.

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