Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Happy birthday to me.

No. of Gifts: 3

Gifted by: Myself

Gift no. 1: A (free) haircut

It is a well-known fact that hairdressers in London are desperate for hair models. Gumtree.com is full of emails from the salons, looking for people to offer their (head) hair as a canvas for trainee hairdressers. The service is entirely free and perhaps my only chance on earth to use the services of top-end salons.

So I decided to volunteer my tresses and get a new look for my birthday. It took me nearly 20 minutes to find CITY CUTS. After alighting from St. James' Park, I stuttered and stumbled my way to the salon, which in reality is only a 5-min journey from the tube.

I admit, I was quaking when I sat on the salon chair. I have had so many horrifying haircuts in my life that I have almost lost any hope of getting a good one. Am I going to spoil my birthday now?

But it proved to be a great experience. Though the training happened in a cramped basement, the senior stylist was this cheerful guy who called everybody "darling" and immediately put me into ease. He listened patiently when I told him what I want for my fine, flyaway, super-thin and super-problematic hair, and he instructed an Italian intern to give me a graduated bob.

Yep, I had one.

And yep, it was sensational.

I am NEVER going back to long, stringy, limp hair. Ever.

Gift no. 2: Buffet Lunch
There is a road that's adjacent to Artillery Row (SW1), which is some kind of a flea market. I had a buffet lunch there, for 5 pounds. Not great, but not bad either - good enough for a fiver. I did miss not having dessert.

Gift no. 3: The cheapest and most fabulous clothes shop in London
Best part of the day - I discovered this great little shop FRENCH KISS, which had the most amazing clothes, all costing.... 5 pounds.

I am SO hitting it again as soon as I get my salary next week...

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