Monday, December 22, 2008

Green Park Resort, Pattaya: Beautiful!

I stayed in Green Park Resort for two nights and three days during the second week of Dec 2007. We were a family of four.

What are the pluses?

1. BIG plus... we checked in at 10am, and they didn't bat an eyelid. Their check-in policy says 2pm, but our flight landed us in Thailand at 5am, so we really didn't have any choice. I realize that if the room had been busy, we could have ended up waiting in the lobby, but it was so nice to see smiling faces, when we were all set for a battle with the management!

2. We got the newly renovated family suite in the first floor, which was spotless, clean, and overlooked the beautiful pool area. The air-conditioner worked only too well, I was always cold, but I guess westerners would be delighted. The fridge was stocked well and the phone service was prompt.

3. The place was so beautiful, and pleasant to stroll around. It was so hot in Thailand even in December, and it was cool inside the resort, due to the greenery. The pool, esp., looked fabulous....

4. The place is located in a respectable part of the town, if you get what I mean. I hardly saw an older man with a younger woman in this hotel... but may I just got lucky. I did see a lot of elderly tourists.

5. Last, but not the least, was the breakfast buffet. So many dishes.... yumm!

Minuses... yes I have 2 -
1. I had booked a day trip with a local travel agent and when they had called up in the morning asking for us, the front desk told them there was nobody in the hotel in our name! I mean... I do agree that my last name is Indian and may sound tongue-twisty, but that very fact should have alerted them, don't you think?

In the end, after many calls since 7am (or so the travel agent tells me), the agency sent a person to meet us in the lobby, which he did. And I cam down around 10am and sat there right before him... and we didn't know each other! Lol, it was almost funny. After some time, this guy very hesitantly asks me if I was Ms. M, and I rely yes, and we had this really funny introduction :)

2. The hotel sells internet cards at 100 baht per hour, the ones which keep tab on how long u use the net and when the one hour is done, you are automatically logged out. It was too costly, which by itself is terrible, when you have an excellent cybercafé outside for 1 baht per minute, but the net at Green Park was so slow... and get this, even when the connection went dead, the time in the card kept on getting reduced! I remember getting awfully mad cos' of this...

In summary, I think Green Park is a cool resort, a beautiful place to stay with the family or significant other. My only caution tip would be - don't browse the net there!

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