Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am once again in the world of empty theatres and I am HAPPY!

While I love watching movies in Satyam RDX - the BEST theatre in the world, really, I have travelled in four continents so far and have NEVER found any that matched Satyam - I really didn't get used to the idea of having to book tickets 3 days in advance and then fighting the crowd to enter the hall. That's why the theatres in the first world always fascinate me - they are always empty, any time of the day!

So Archana and I finally braved the climate - alright, I did, the temp hardly affected her, grrrrr - packed ourselves some snacks and hit the nearest Cineworld (in Kilburn). I am sucker for epic dramas and I did love Australia, possibly the most cliched movie on earth. But who cares - Hugh Jackman is half naked in the movie!

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