Friday, May 23, 2008

A day of Detox

Here's how to spent a day in detox:

Items needed:
Seasonal fruits - 1/2 kilo each
Juicer or a sharp knife (to make fruit salad)
Good books or movies
Walking shoes

6am – 4 glasses of water; drink in 5-minute intervals
9am - a glass of mosambi/water melon/limejuice+honey
10am – a glass of hot water with jeera
11pm – again, a glass of mosambi/water melon/limejuice+honey
12:30pm - 1 big bowl of fruit salad
1:00am - Be prepared for a marathon headache or craving for fried items
1:30pm - 1 glass of mosambi juice
3:30pm - 1 glass of orange juice
4:30pm - Murderous rage; inclination to kill anybody who's eating a samosa
5:00pm - One bowl of water melon + banana + guava chunks
6:00pm - An urge to howl or sob. You want to bite into a chicken leg - fried or raw, it won't matter now. For the love of Jalebis, RESIST!
7:30pm - 1 bowl of orange + mango + Nungu chunks
8:30pm - An amazing feeling of freshness and rigour
9:00pm - 1 bowl of Noi Kanchi (rice porridge)
10:00pm - Go to bed with a great smile. You have done it!

So what to do between drinking juices and slowly going mad?
In the morning, read a book (I finished "The Accidental Tourist").
In the afternoon, see a movie (I saw "Absence of Malice"). Alternately, you can also spend some time in the spa or a salon, pampering yourself.
In the evening, go for a walk. You can also work on a hobby, explore the Internet, catch up on old email or update your blog.

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